As you know, a pet getting into the trash can be a nerve racking thing! You come home after a long day and boom... trash everywhere! If you're lucky enough the mess is somewhat contained in the kitchen or bathroom but there's still a considerable amount of cleanup to do. If you're not so lucky, the mess has made it to other areas of the house where you have a carpet or two that is going to need some SERIOUS ELBOW GREASE! Either way, any pet owner would agree that it's SUPER frustrating AND time consuming!

More important than the frustration though, is how dangerous it is for your fur baby! Most pet owners don't realize that the long term health of their pet(s) depends a great deal on what they consume and more importantly, what they DON'T consume. Onions for instance cause serious damage to a pets red blood cells causing them to break down, chocolate causes seizures or serious illness, and the ingestion of just one or two tea bags or the equivalent in coffee grounds can cause death in small dogs and cats. 


Paw Proof TM is a brand dedicated to keeping pets safe. Pets are amazing companions, great friends, and loyal family members. Because of this, they deserve our utmost appreciation. They deserve owners who are proactive and informed on what their needs are and the everyday dangers they face. Sometimes owners can fail their pets in these areas, usually not purposefully, but by being unprepared and/or uneducated they sometimes put their loved ones at risk.

Here at The LiveFirst Company we want to give proactive and engaged pet owners (these are the best types of pet owners) a way to stay on top of their pet's needs and keep them safe. After-all, that is why we invented Paw Proof TM  in the first place, and our website not only supports that goal it expands on it.